Granite Edge Options

Custom Edge Choices For Granite Counter Tops

There are a variety of ways you can finish of the edges of your granite counter tops.





Once you have made the big decision regarding the granite that is right for your countertop, along with the layout, and any backsplash or island you may want installed, you will finally need to make a decision about the shape of the granite edge for your countertop. The granite edge you select for your countertop can compliment the design style of your countertop. You will want to think both about style and functionality when selecting your edge option. Your personal style and taste will come through perfectly when you select from the many granite edge options KJ Natural Stone of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill has to offer.

The standard thickness for a granite countertop is three inches, so this translates into the thickness of the edge of three inches. Pricing on edges is dependent upon the amount of polishing that must be done in order to achieve the high quality granite edge. Select from the following available granite edges for your countertop:


  • Cove – This edge is beautiful in that it adds both a curve element as well as straight lines.
  • CoveOgee/Royal – This edge adds a more dramatic feel to the overall look of your granite countertops.
  • Dupont – This edge has a small straight edge ending in a sloping polish.
  • Full Bullnose – This edge provides a polished round look that is easy to care for.
  • Half Bullnose – This edge enhances the thickness of the granite, and adds curviness to the room.
  • Ogee – This edge has a classic look and feel that can add a dramatic curve to the granite edge.
  • ¼ Bevel – This edge provides subtle clean lines.
  • ¼ Bevel Top and Bottom – This edge provides the subtle clean lines of the ¼ bevel with the lines repeating at the bottom.
  • ¼ Round – This edge is for those who do not care for the more dramatic look of the half bullnose, but still prefer the smooth rounded edge look.
  • Half Bevel – This edge style provides a heavier, modern look, with a subtle angular edge.
  • Reverse Bevel – This edge is a beautiful way to finish a bar or island with a lustrous polished underside.
  • Straight – This is standard edge with no additional cuts or angles.


Your countertop will have a professionally finished look with the right edge to compliment the granite. Work with our experienced designers to select the granite edge option that is right for your home. Our expert craftsmen employ great attention to detail to ensure a high quality granite edge. Contact KJ Natural Stone today to begin your remodel, renovation, or new construction including unique granite countertops and custom edges.